God’s Love

Now I’m nowhere close to a perfect man
And it takes a supernatural love to even understand
That beyond the walls behind, the mask and confident smile,
Was a broken man trying to grow up and make life worthwhile,

And I know there were times that you probably shouldn’t,
But I thank you for always loving me
And I know anyone else they probably wouldn’t,
So I thank you for always loving me

Now I know there were days I looked at myself,
I felt like less of a person compared to everyone else,
What about this flaw to big to small, can I exchange?
And trying to make-up for where I fell short, I let sense slip away

And when I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see
Oh, I just thank you for always loving me.
And I know I get bad but you wait patiently
I just want to thank you for always loving me.

Lord I just thank you for always loving me

part lyrics from Jonathan McReynolds – Loving me”

I listened to this song today and I realized how imperfect I am, and how much flaws I have but if there’s one thing that’s sure and that is the love that Jesus has for me. The type of love that sees us without blemish. Even when we don’t love ourselves, he still loves us, and when we turn our backs at him, he still waits patiently for us to come back to him.

I don’t know who needs this but please don’t forget to thank God for ALWAYS LOVING YOU. God bless,





Let’s walk on water

It’s been awhile since I posted something on here and the reason is simple, I started this blog to inspire at least one person daily but how can I inspire when I wasn’t inspired? or how could I have given what I didn’t have? and because I searched for answers to these question, my hope was missing. Actually, behind this “faceless” concept is someone with a face going through life just like every other person out there but today while asking God to help me get back into blogging and uplifting someone, I came across this picture and a totally new interpretation of it came to me which i’ll like to share with you.


Some of you already know that this picture is an abstract of the story from the book of Matthew 14:22-33 which talks about of Jesus and Peter walking on water. Here’s what I got from the story:

* All the disciples were in the boat and they all saw Jesus walking on water but only ONE was CONFIDENT enough to ask to join him (I believe they all had doubts including Peter because his statement was “if it be thou, bid me to come into the water” Matthew 14:28, that to me sounds like someone with fear but didn’t want to stay in fear like the rest). Fear is that one thing that stops us from seeing and experiencing new things and being trailblazers. Peter fought fear and took a step out of his comfort zone; which is the boat. However, a lot of us are afraid of trying new things because you are stuck in your comfort zone.

* Peter took that step of faith and walked on water until he started to sink, verse 30 says “but when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid and began to sink, he cried saying, Lord, save me”. He let the challenges of his environment to affect his success, he forgot he had been walking on the water regardless of the heavy wind that had been there all along and started to focus on them instead of the faith he developed. A lot of us just like Peter quickly forget about all we have achieved in the past and start complaining about the economy ignoring the fact that the world has always been bad, we just need to keep looking at Jesus while we continue in our step of faith.

* Finally, immediately Peter cried out to Jesus, He reached out his hand and caught him and scolded him by asking him why he had doubt. Jesus knows we are human and actually he understands what we go through thats why he didn’t hesitate to help Peter but something you all need to know from this is that I believe Jesus didn’t carry Peter on his shoulders back to the boat, they most likely walked hand in hand and the wind was still there, the sea did not turn to marble floors, the situation was still the same but Peter’s mindset was different and with Jesus holding him, the fear and doubt that started with him varnished and many years later even with all the disciples that were present in that boat, Peter stood out.

Don’t be a spectator of life, don’t be the person that they can count on to be amongst the audience while something spectacular is happening on stage, don’t be somewhere in the crowd. Look to Jesus, take that step of faith and stand out, he has asked you to come to him already, what are you still waiting for? 🙂

I still remain Faceless. Please share this, someone out there needs this and my contacts are in my bio. God bless

Let’s talk about Joseph


The best way to analyze this picture is from the story of Joseph. We all know the story of Joseph who was sold to slavery by his brothers to a strange land (Egypt) and was brought to Portiphar’s house as a slave boy but because of God’s favor upon him, he was made the head of everything in the house (he was pretty much the 2nd in command in that house after Portiphar; who was an influential man in Egypt).

Joseph was a man who had dreams that his family would bow to him so I stand corrected but I believe he was getting comfortable in the wrong place because bringing him into today’s society, he was already a BIG BOY (influential by association)  Continue reading



I am excited because it’s already May here in Nigeria so happy new month to everyone reading this. The faithfulness of God has brought us into the month of May; the 5th month of the year….Wooowww!!! It was just like yesterday when we were shouting “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!”, making resolutions (most of which am sure some of you have totally ignored) I’m also guilty as charged too. 🙂 . Continue reading

Let’s talk about LOVE

Today, while I was in the Salon, I saw a little rich girl (kinda figured that from her mum, her clean accent, and overall appearance) and she was looking at another little muslim girl fully covered in her hijab playing with a broom innocently and the other little rich girl was amazed and smiling, from her facial appearance one can tell that she did not see a poor girl or a Muslim, all she saw was her age mate playing and she was anxious to play along with her. (both girls shouldn’t be older than 7years) Continue reading

Jonah – The Reluctant Prophet

Jonah was a Man of God and a second generation prophet. Amittai his father was a prophet from Gath-hepher during the reign of kingJeroboam II (786-746 BC). God used Amittai immensely and the same would have been expected of his son Jonah. Since his childhood Jonah would have experienced the Grace and Power of God and gotten to know Him personally.

The word of the Lord came to Jonah son of Amittai: “Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it, because its wickedness has come up before me.” But Jonah ranaway from theLordand headed for Tarshish. He went down to Joppa,where he found a ship bound for that port. After paying the fare, he went aboard and sailed for Tarshish to flee from theLord.− Jonah 1:1-3

Jonah MapNineveh is a mere 500 miles from Jonah’s hometown of Gath-hepher but he choose the journey to Tarshish which was about…

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Xenophobic Attack on Nigerians

I grew up hearing the word. Africa is our motherland and Nigeria is our fatherland and I was always curious about why Africa had to be referred to as a woman and then I thought hard about it and it came to me.

Africa is a continent, that has birthed so many different countries. Now, let me give my readers a little insight on a typical Nigerian marriage; the man and the woman gets married becomes one and then changes her surname to her husband’s name and then the children bears their fathers surname in addition to their first name (don’t give up on me in this post, am heading somewhere I promise)..

Africa is a beautiful woman that has so many husband’s (different countries) if my illustration above makes sense and so every citizen from an African country is a child of one mother, the fact that there are Nigerians, Kenyans, South Africans, Egyptians etc is just the surname you need to bear based on your father.

Why am I saying this? Well its because of the Xenophobic attack on Nigerians in South Africa, you have no reason to attack your brother, we are all from the same motherland, we are all Africans, attacking people for absolutely no reason is not right, its evil and absolutely unfair. DON’T let the devil win, DON’T let our mother (Africa) weep. Say NO to violence

We are one, black, white, yellow, whatever race, shape or size, country or continent. We are ONE!!! God created us in HIS image


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